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Motor World: Car Factory app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 9552 ratings )
Games Racing Simulation
Developer: Mobage, Inc.
Current version: 19005, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Feb 2013
App size: 97.31 Mb


Step into the captivating and cheerful Motor World, filled with amazing cars and shiny, happy people!

Run a small car factory and turn it into the best company in the world. Build your cars, create new ones, make your workers happy, please your customers, arrange your retail stores and play with your friends.

▪ Mix & create over 300 cars! You’ve gotta build them all!
▪ Manage & evolve your workers
▪ Improve your factory and retailing stores to attract customers

▪ Be the trend maker! Produce range of cars that reflects your personality
▪ Conquer fans around the world
▪ Overcome wacky quests & unexpected events

▪ Compete with other car makers on Game Center
▪ Race against friends
▪ Recruit them as workers
▪ Send items & receive gifts

▪ Enjoy several bonus mini-games
▪ Meet colorful characters, including FatCheez, The Doc, Catman, Mr Coffee and many more!
▪ The life-like crowd, wacky situations, intuitive controls and hitch-less game mechanics will get you hooked forever!

Find secrets & tips to become the best car maker on:
Facebook at:
Twitter: @oh_bibi

Pros and cons of Motor World: Car Factory app for iPhone and iPad

Motor World: Car Factory app good for

Good game but everything related on Facebook dosent work at all Please update
Nice game! My boyfriend and I are addicted to this game! Please enter the code enxm0an to receive some gifts. Sometimes the game crashes but it is getting better with every new version
Great potential, but for the love of god, release an update with bug and glitch fixes. Desperate need of gameplay and user interface update. I really hope you fix these things, cause it feels like you didnt even test it before release.
Sometimes after I Watch and add,the game Just stops working and I have to reinstal it.Every time,I lose Huge chunks of progress, but I still keep playing. Pelaste solve this or at least make an autosave feature.
This game is fun! I have never spent so much time on a mobile game! Add me exbre4v
Good time sink, not pay to win so far. Use my referal code to get some free stuff: em034fv

Some bad moments

I got a new phone and tried to link my game from my old phone, because Ive made so much progress, but nope, it just took away my ability to link accounts. Dont waste your time.
The restroom TAKES away the stamina of my workers, the videos glitch out and dont appear when they say I have 3 notifications. I STILL havent been able to participate in the races cause it wont even load and Ive tried different internet points. Very fun game but waaaaay too glitchy. Thus the 2 stars
Very fun and addicting game, im at level 50 now and the races still wont load for me and the restroom seems to do absolutely nothing ? Fix these problems and it would easily be a 10/10 app
I really want to like this game. Its so fantastically weird and random. But it is so tedious. This is NOT an idle game. I wouldnt mind having to click constantly but your workers run out of energy all the time. Progress is almost at a stand still without paying money, and every "offer" (and there are a ridiculous amount of them) is just trying to get you to buy buy buy. Unfortunately this means there is no place on my tablet for this game. I hope you all fare better.
I love this game... but you always have to pay for donuts since you cant get enough to make your worker work for a sufficient amount of time.... its bad
As of late there are far too many issues with this app! Links not working! Super Sized cars coming off the assembly line, so that you can only build 2 at a time. You cant upgrade the vehicles content! I have a friend list with well over 175 people, but they dont show up on my friend list inside the game! Its just NOT WORTH trying to play this game with ALL its issues!

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