Motor World: Car Factory App Reviews

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Good game but everything related on Facebook dosent work at all Please update

Addicted - gift code enxm0an

Nice game! My boyfriend and I are addicted to this game! Please enter the code enxm0an to receive some gifts. Sometimes the game crashes but it is getting better with every new version


It is the best game ever, I Play it everyday

Great but flawed

Great potential, but for the love of god, release an update with bug and glitch fixes. Desperate need of gameplay and user interface update. I really hope you fix these things, cause it feels like you didnt even test it before release.

Your game is awesom, but...

Sometimes after I Watch and add,the game Just stops working and I have to reinstal it.Every time,I lose Huge chunks of progress, but I still keep playing. Pelaste solve this or at least make an autosave feature.

Dude! I really love this game!!

Very good game!! I liked it so much!! I recomend

Good game

Fun to keep playing. Add me if you want: e0vy5zn



Its so fun and addictive

This game is fun! I have never spent so much time on a mobile game! Add me exbre4v

Fun game!

Good time sink, not pay to win so far. Use my referal code to get some free stuff: em034fv

Great game

This game is amazing and great you should get it and enter my friend code: fibxwdf

Account linking is literally impossible

I got a new phone and tried to link my game from my old phone, because Ive made so much progress, but nope, it just took away my ability to link accounts. Dont waste your time.

Really good game

I really enjoy playing this game its a great time waster :) Add my friend code! :eevlwnv


This game is amazing. The detail and simplicity is awesome too. I love you oh Bibi entertainment

Great game

My referral code is: fy23phv so feel free to add. I send gifts to those who add me as a referrer. Thank you!

Best Evur

This game is super addictive


How did they do this! How can they create such a fun, addictive game like this! I recommend this to anyone!

Love it sooo much but...

But everytime i want to touch something... a window pop out ! My car was in construction, it had the big green arrow over it and a spy came to take picture and i cannot caught him because of the green arrow 3cm beside the spy ! Fix the control ASAP and you will have one of the. Est addictive game ever

Pretty good

Could use a couple of things

nice little game

its a good phone game try it!

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